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Dischem is a company that sells products through a catalog. On this page you can view all Dischem catalogs, and select the necessary products. In the catalogs you can find promotions and discounts for registered customers. For registration, you need to go to the official Dischem website and fill out a simple form. Registration gives you access to a permanent customer discount, and the ability to independently order products from the current Dischem catalog.

On our site you can see both the new and the previous catalog. If you have already chosen some product, then you can compare the price of the previous catalog with the new one and choose when it is more profitable for you to buy it. Perhaps the price in the next catalog is lower than in the current one. Then you'd better wait for the new catalog to work and buy cheaper!

We recommend comparing prices in different catalogs and looking for the maximum discount for yourself!

FAQ Dischem

Want to know more about Dischem? The most popular questions and answers about the company, orders and products.

Which Dischem catalog is current?

Now current is 1 Dischem catalog. You can simply click on the current catalog in our menu or directly on the picture at number 1. Or simply click on the link - Dischem Catalog 1.

Does Dischem have any bonuses for purchases?

Sure! The company offers bonus products to all new customers for their first purchase. You will receive perfumes, a set of creams or make-up products as a gift! And if you become our regular customer, you will receive bonuses for EVERY order! It is profitable to shop with Dischem even for yourself and your family!

How can I order something?

To buy any product from the catalog, it is enough to register a buyer's account on the official Dischem website. After registration, you will receive a username and password, with their help you can go to your website and add any product to the cart. Go to REGISTRATION.

Can you make money with Dischem?

You can and you should! Invite friends, colleagues and acquaintances to joint purchases and take the difference in the price of a representative and a buyer into your own hands. Do you want even more? Refer friends for sale and get bonuses for each new attracted buyer! Working at Dischem is not just a sale - it is new makeup products, new skin care technologies, joint trips, live broadcasts, a friendly team and much more! Start your journey with Dischem HERE.


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